University of Scouting - Character Under Construction

Sep 20 2014 - 8:30am
Sep 20 2014 - 4:30pm
Woodward Academy, College Park

Everyone needs training and University of Scouting is THE place to be!

With more than 50 classes to choose from you are assured of finding the help you are looking for!
University of Scouting is one day of training. You will choose up to 5 classes
(depending on class length) from any of the 50+ options. Classes offered range from the
required Cub Leader‐Specific training to practical sessions and on to more advanced courses.
Courses are led by experienced volunteers who are dedicated to helping you improve
your Scouting program and experience.

This year will feature lots of new and exciting subjects designed to help you, the unit leader, take your unit to the next level of program.
September 20, 2014
Woodward Academy, College Park
$10 ‐ Patch or pin and Program
+$10 ‐ Optional Lunch
+$10 ‐ Optional Commemorative T‐Shirt (2XL and up add $2)
OR $25 ‐ Total Package: get everything and save $5!
Full Course list and Registration available soon.

59 Classes to Choose From - See Flyer for schedule grid
Watch w w w.at l a nta bsa .org /U ni versi t y for more!
For info, contact the course Director, Susie Mahoney: el ma ho n e@ a ol .co m

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